Friday, October 30, 2009

Two sites for shaking the scholarship and grant money tree

A money tree... Everyone wants one.

And today, money trees are NOT around every corner. But there is a way to get money if you want scholarships and grants. The trick is to find these scholarships and grants without having to pay money for the privilege.

Hi, everyone! This is my very first posting here. I am very glad you are here.

Why I am starting this blog

The reason I am starting this blog is because I personally want to research and find scholarships and grants. Plus, I know with the economy right now, students of all kinds need all the help they can get! I think a good idea would be to see if I can go back to school and not wind up with another student loan to pay.

I am going to list a few REALLY GOOD websites to get this blog going, and point people in a good direction to get some GREAT scholarships and grants to help them go to school, whether it is going to high school, to get a GED, or going to college, university, graduate school or trade school.

The Nontraditional Student site
and Scholarship Page

I have a website for nontraditional students, and a Scholarship Page there. I will be adding to it as I learn about even more scholarship and grant sites. In case you didn't already know, a nontraditional student is a student who is going back to school after a break, or who is not the "standard" student who goes to school right after high school, and has no more than a part-time job. Often, these students have family responsibilities too. They are a growing component of students in many different kinds of schools.

Here is the link: Scholarships Page One. I think you will really like it. I have a link to the official FAFSA site (great to do first...), Dr. Torres' Database of Scholarships, Grants, the Fresch site, the Financial Aid Podcast, and more. These sites listed here are all free of charge to join and find scholarships and grants with. I will be writing about all of these links in future postings.

The Fastweb site

Another terrific site for scholarships is Fastweb. It offers information about high school through college scholarships. A blurb on their page says, "1 in 8 Applicants Win Scholarships!" I think this is a very good percentage. They also have a "Jobs and Internships" section. Everyone knows that having an internship or volunteering can often help people with their resumes or even help them get a job down the road sometimes. So this is a great addition to their site.

I hope you really like these sites. Come back to learn about more sites and even NEW scholarships and grants here on the Find Scholarships and Grants blog.

I am very glad you came here! Please let me know what you would like to see on this blog, and what research I can do to help you find scholarships and grants. Thank you!

This posting's links:
The Nontrad Scholarship Page One
The Fastweb Site
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