Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More great sites to help you find scholarships and grants

I was surfing the internet today and ran across some really good articles online about finding scholarships and grants.

Here is one:
In the article, Doodlebabe, the author, explains that you should not be paying somebody to get scholarships and grants for you, if you can help it. I feel that is because you can find a lot of free help on the internet, such as the FastAid site, to help you find scholarships and grants for free.

Another great resource I want to list here again is the Fatomei site (also known as the Dr. Torres site). It is here: http://scholarships.fatomei.com/college-scholarships-graduate-fellowships.html. One reason I like this site is that it has a large database of many different kinds of scholarships that you can look up just by clicking a category.

The Financial Aid Podcast is another great resource. This great podcast has hints, tips, and also a free newsletter on their site. I highly recommend them. They are always timely and have new podcasts all the time. You can download the podcast in an MP3 file and play it on your computer or on a portable MP3 player too.

I hope you all have a great holiday!

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