Monday, March 29, 2010

I want to be a grant writer - and I found some great online deals!

Online Adventures - looking for a Grant Writing Class

I wonder how many other people out there wish they were grant writers. Anyone who has worked for or with a nonprofit wishes they could wave a magic wand and get more money for "their" group, I know.

Today I was thinking (again!) that if I were a grant writer, I could do this. I could apply for money from everywhere - - fill out the forms exactly right, write great introductory letters, and more. But unfortunately, I know exactly NOTHING about grant writing. Well, almost nothing.

But I have seen courses advertised locally. In fact, Western has several in an online catalog called the WKCTC site, which stands for Western Kentucky Community and Technical College. They have classes there at the college, but I am thinking more about taking an online class this time.

It has been a long time since I looked at this site. I am glad I came today, because there are a lot of new courses listed today.

Ed To Go: these classes are online classes I found two years ago. They are listed as part of WKCTC's online classes. Many courses are offered here, and the tuition is reasonable. I saw tuition of 1500.00 at another WKU site for a class in Grant Writing. I found one here for only $95.00. It is called Become a Grant Writing Consultant.

Of course, I may not be able to transfer this course credit over for a degree - but I may not WANT a degree, only the knowledge of how to write grants.

You may be looking for another skill or class. Check here at the site for lots more course offerings.

Here are some courses offered by a NEW group affiliated with WKU Community College calls the Jer Group. They are located at Paducah. They offer Creative Writing (sounds fun), How to find Legitimate Home Employment, Entrepreneurship, E-books, Career and Job Objectives, and lots more.

Just for a price example, the How to Find Legitimate Home Employment class costs only $59.00 plus the cost of the e-book, which is $9.95. That is still a GREAT deal.

I am going to be looking at both sites now to see all the courses that are offered. I think this is a great deal, and so much more affordable for me right now than going back to school as a "regular" student.

Here is another site I found today Hit by a Bus: Writing a Budget that Tells a Story Long after You've Gone. (This is a recorded teleclass about being a grant writer - on sale too) Hmmmm.... This class costs $77.00. Not bad! But it is a private class, not at the community college. The teacher, Johna Rogers, sounds very good.

Food for thought! I will definitely be going back to the websites above and seeing all the classes offered.


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