Friday, April 2, 2010

Grants and links for Kentucky Education students

Grants for Kentucky Education students - this posting at looked interesting to me today. I have an initial Certification in English and Allied Arts in Teaching and am looking into going to get my Master's.

Here are some sites to help:

Grants for Kentucky Graduate Students - this article tells about Fulbright scholarships, a Master's grant offered through the American Inter-Continental University (for 10-20% of costs), and a Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement grant, which "Provides funds generally not available through a university."

Environmental Education grants in Kentucky

And this looks interesting! GrantsAlert helps people from all over find grants for education and for "organizations, schools, districts, consortia and state education agencies." This definitely looks to be worth a look.

All for now,

Explore more:

Try the Nontrad Scholarships page for more scholarship and grant links.

The Fulbright Program helps students study abroad
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