Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Online Scholarship and Grant information at .org sites!

The neat thing about .org sites are that they are public service sites. They do not charge for their services.

I found several today while searching for scholarship information, so I want to share them with you here.

#1 Scholarship Help - this site has a 2005 copyright, and has some useful information, but some of it is dated, and at least one link is also . But they have an interesting Internet Guide page: This has some sites I am not familiar with.

#2  School Scholarships - this school seems to only offer links to online schools, but offered some articles and a link to the next site, Grants.gov

#3 - this site helps people apply for Federal grants. It has a nice search page here:

#4 Apply Texas: this is a Texas admission page for every Texas Public University, "plus some private and two-year schools." What a great idea - and you can find out what is offered as far as scholarships with your application here:

Another site I liked was the sdfoundation links page here (from the San Diego Foundation):

All for now,

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