Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Online Education Database and Online School Accreditation

I like this website, not only because it is an "org." (nonprofit) site, but because it has many good resources on it.

Definitely bookmark this site in your scholarship search. The page I went to today is one for Graduate Scholarships. It has links on it to ethnicity-based grants, specialty grants, subject grants and degree-based grants (see the left side of the website page).

The page is here:

The Online Education Database has a new section on it now (2009) called Rankings. It tells if the college or university you are interested in is an accredited school. This is so important, especially because if you have to transfer and have gone to an un-accredited school, your credits might not transfer over to the accredited school. All that money you have spent could go to waste.

Also, it DOES matter what school you go to. Some are just better and more prestigious than others. Remember, the OED site ONLY is talking about ONLINE schools.

To find rankings on "regular" (not online schools) a good source is the U.S. News Report.
You don't have to buy the book on the site, just use the Quick Comparison area or the Search box.

Here is more information on accreditation:

Universities that are NOT accredited (list)

Find a school:

Good luck in your scholarship or grant search.


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