Monday, August 23, 2010

Watch what school you are going to. Are your credits worth it?

A Nightline Expose - - A For-Profit Education Investigation

This show, which aired recently, has been such a hot topic since I first noticed it online and watched it on TV. Some online schools may be telling students that what they are getting for their loan money is more than they will actually deliver.

Come again?

This investigative piece by Nightline (ABC) raises some important questions. Are people really always getting the advice they deserve? You decide. To me, the undercover investigation revealed that some students are getting bad advice. They are being told things that are not true.

Right now, it looks to me like it is up to each student to look into the classes they are taking, and make sure that they will work into the kind of job they want, AND that the credits they get will transfer to other schools too. This video is like a word to the wise - good to watch and learn from.

In some ways, it seems that "regular" (not online) schools can be safer for all students in some ways right now. But there are also online classes offered from all kinds of schools, including State Universities and well-recognized private colleges too.

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