Thursday, September 16, 2010

Scholarship Stories from Real People

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Here are some stories by real people who have won scholarships.
Success stories from - I enjoyed reading this article because I like to read about real people and how they got their scholarships. Each winner lists his or her scholarships he or she has won, and how he or she did it.
A Dream Come True: Kaitlin Miciunas at Carnegie-Mellon tells about how she won the Gindroz Prize for Travel/Study.
One of the Best Things that Ever Happened to Me: ThinkandFeel posts anonymously about how it felt to get a Fulbright Scholarship for graduate study.
Students talk about their scholarships they won from Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island.
Posting actual scholarship stories makes me realize that people DO get scholarships and benefit from them. If you want to get a scholarship, there are some great, free resources you can use.
Some are listed here:
The Nontrads Scholarship page oneand The Nontrads Scholarship page two.
Good luck on getting a scholarship! Even though the playing field may be tougher than usual considering the current economy, I believe that actually doing the work for a scholarship is worth it. There is always a chance of a scholarship changing your life.
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