Monday, January 31, 2011

Some things and questions I wonder about Scholarships and Grants

I wonder....

#1. Scholarship amounts sometimes don't seem to be very large. For example, $500 scholarships DO help, but with the cost of tuition rising a LOT lately, it doesn't go really far. BUT not to sneeze at this amount. Five hundred dollars buys a lot of books. I think some scholarships were just set for a certain amount years ago, and they pay for themselves, so that is why they stay the same mostly. I have read that some scholarship seekers apply for all the small and large scholarships they can, and they can really add up - - even to the point of paying totally for school.

#2. There seem to be about a million scholarship sites nowadays. Every time I search and look at what is out there, it seems like more and more new blogs and sites are arising to help students find scholarships. I tend to prefer the older sites, just because I trust them and know they aren't out for themselves. Sites like Fastweb, Broke Scholar, and other ones I've collected for my Scholarships page one and two for the Nontrad site are tried and true. I may add some more this year though, as I think of it. But I will be careful to check them out first. Are these newer sites making money? I don't know.

(Scholarship questions) #3. Does the best applicant always wind up with the scholarship? I don't know. Do some scholarship recipients find it hard to keep their GPA up and lose their scholarships? I'll bet it happens. But I bet most keep them and realize how great these scholarships are. Are schools adding new scholarships the last few years? I'll say maybe. Because money is short at most schools right now.

Does most of the scholarship money available go towards sports scholarships? I will guess and say yes. But luckily, there is still some money left that can sometimes go to the fastest applicants.

So I will say NOT to give up hope. Go ahead and at least apply for some scholarships this year. It can't hurt.


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Oh - and have a great week!
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