Sunday, March 6, 2011

Scholarships for Writers

And this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg!

I was surprised to find so many scholarships that were available to students who write poetry, are journalists, and want to attend a conference.

It made me think that googling your state plus "writing conference scholarship" might yield great results. Plus, you would be able to attend that writing conference much easier, with less money needed.

Also, googling Writing Scholarships (plus your state) is also a great idea. Let me know if this works. I will be trying it for the Nontraditional student State Pages later on.

Here are some sites I discovered today. Some include poetry writers and journalists. I tried to steer clear of age requirements.

Scholarships for writers

Scholarship to the Key West Literary Seminar:

Writing scholarships at the College site:

ClarityWorks lists residencies, retreats, and more

Clarion Workshop scholarship links:

Taos Summer Writing Conference Awards (New Mexico)
includes a Hispanic and Native Writer Award

Wildacres Writing Workshop awards (North Carolina)

The Helen McCloy/MWA Scholarship for Mystery Writing
(Mystery Writers of America) ($500.00)

More award programs

Scholarships for English majors, from the Financial Aid Finder site:

AAAS Minority science writer's scholarship

Writing grants from

Garden Writer's Association scholarships (for journalism majors)


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