Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Don't get ripped off trying to find a scholarship... some pointers

Yes, you can get a scholarship. NO, you should NOT have to pay for one!
Now... give me some money!
Some sites will tell you have DO have to pay to get a scholarship. This is just one kind of scholarship scam. There are also scams by so-called "consultants", and promises of a guaranteed scholarship. Don't be fooled by a fake scholarship scam.

This advice especially goes for the Official FAFSA site - - some people are trying to get money from FAFSA applicants by offering their services to get scholarships or loans for students. Don't be fooled. The Official FAFSA site is totally FREE and you can do it yourself.

You can look up "apply for your FAFSA" and get the completely wrong website. It might LOOK right but it isn't. The real FAFSA site is the government site, and has many scholarships there that an be offered to you along with low-rate loans. This is what the official (real) FAFSA site looks like:

Here is a page at the Nontrad website that has a FAFSA Filing hints video too, if you are filling out your FAFSA.

Be a detective!

Moving right along, an article at the FinAid site explains that there ARE scholarship scams out there, and that you need to be aware of them. Some scam sites actually "guarantee" you a scholarship, when there actually is no such thing as a guarantee of getting one. You have to be chosen and go through a vetting process for most REAL scholarships.

This article helps you evaluate different websites and consultants out there too, and how to "investigate suspicious offers." Be on the safe side - if a scholarship offer seems bogus, it very well may be.
Catching Scholarship $

Good luck on your scholarship search!

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