Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to get a scholarship - by other people and by me, plus Judge Josh Barsch

Hi, scholarship seekers.

There seem to be a million pages online telling you HOW to get a scholarship. I have read a lot of these. Some are really great. Some are not so great.

Most how-to-get-a-scholarship pages online usually just tell you what every person who has a little common sense knows, like:

1. Apply. (Truly more than a no-brainer...)

2. Take your time with each application and carve out time to do many of them. (i.e., be thoughtful and use spell checker or a friend to go over your application.)

3. Go to these sites... (recommended sites follow...) (and sometimes these are very self-serving... or do not include regular schools, only ones that have paid a fee, or only online ones.)

4. Watch your spelling and punctuation. (Really this is #2)

5. Get some books on the subject and read them. (Which I guess could be helpful...)

6. Don't give up. (a la Winston Churchill)

7. Stay motivated. (See #6 which this is really a repeat of)

8. Etc. etc. etc... (mostly stuff you already know).

I have run across some pages like this. Don't waste your time reading any scholarship type article that does not have some links at the bottom.

Better yet, it is good if that site can show some research or even footnotes. There is nothing wrong with an inspirational or imaginative posting, but if the whole site is like that, move on with your internet searching.

To wind up, anyone can pontificate about what you need to do. What scholarship seekers REALLY need is a list of GREAT and up to date resources, blog sites, and information so they can learn for themselves and get cracking at applying or learning where to apply for scholarships.

I have found one really good site lately I want to share with you now. It is a blog that I signed up for. It is called "Judge Josh" Barsch. He has his own scholarship he gives out. He also writes intelligent and interesting articles.

Here is his contact information (from his blog).

"Judge Josh" Barsch

"Like" his stuff on Facebook (his FB page)

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Stalk him on Foursquare (his 4Square)

I think you will like his postings.

Former nontrad student and scholarship site hunter.

Here are those sources I talked about. They are free. If you have some more you like, please let me know about them so I can check them out and possibly add them to my lists.

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