Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cynthia Good's College and Career Planning Page - worth a look

A college links page with possibilities.

At least one link listed here on the site is one I have never seen even one time before. It is called the Cynthia Good's College and Career Planning Site.

This site has moved since it was first found here, but I found its new location. Here it is:
Cynthia Good's College and Career Planning.

This page has a multitude of helpful sites listed PLUS a big Financial Aid section that includes scholarships.

Among the other pages listed are these sites you may not have been to yet:

Campus Tours - tour many campuses online for free
GoCollege - lots of free information is here, including a short section on college survival.
Talbot's Student Guide - This lists many schools and has an easy-to-use map to zero in on what state you might be interested in. I do notice that the laptop contest puts you on a mailing list and asks for your year of graduation, so if you don't want that, don't enter.

Check out the other sites listed here:
(scroll down to see the list)

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