Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Recent Twitter postings about scholarships and grants


 Some Recent Twitters about Scholarships and Grants

You can have some fun and discover new websites and blogs on Twitter. Just go to the Twitter website, http://www.twitter.com and put "scholarships in the search box.

Or go further and put your state name or country in the search box also, using "scholarships and state" and see what pops up.

When I searched tonight under "scholarships" and "Kentucky" (scholarships and Kentucky) I got this twitter:

Grant For College | Kentucky Receives $26.9M Federal Education Grant For College Readiness Program …
The search phrase "Scholarships and U.S" brought me some more links:
List of U.S. universities and colleges that offer scholarships to International Students
Brian Hire
U.S. Air Force ROTC - College Scholarships and Careers via
Using just "scholarships" let me see these:
Need money? Here's a list of college with deadlines in Oct., Nov., and Dec. -
Juan Vasquez
Eastern Michigan University increases scholarship funding by $2.3M: More general fund scholarships will be avail...
Scholarships Grants
RT : Clarendon Fund Scholarships, University of Oxford, UK
The Dark Lord
If you are a student (Hogwarts or not), you will likely enjoy . The best student offers, scholarships and advice.
WKU Herald
Office helps students win competitive scholarships at
You can find interesting people to follow on Twitter and also find new scholarship sites you might like all over the world by using Twitter.
You may already be on Twitter. You can join this site at @scholarsgrants there. See you there!

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