Sunday, January 8, 2012

Utah Scholarship links I found and posted today.

Scholarship News - I found many links from Utah today.

This gorgeous photo is by Jake G on Flickr. 

I updated the Utah Nontraditional Student page today. I have added some scholarships to the page. And I loved this photo I found today also.

While looking up Nontraditional student links, I lucked out on a nontraditional student group on Meetup. They let me join in order to check out the site and see when events will be coming up.

Of course, I had to add them to the Utah page at the Nontrad site after that. Then I added scholarships and articles as well, to round out the page and make it match the other state and country pages that have been updated so far.

So you will find many links there to look into if you live in Utah or plan to go to school there.

I found this photo (above) of King's Peak when I was looking for header pictures for the Utah page. There are some very lovely sites in Utah, that's for sure. I added a smaller version of this picture to the new page.



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