Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tips on Finding and Securing Scholarships

Happy New Year! 

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Here is a neat article I ran across today. It is by Rebecca Ruiz at the New York Times Education blogs section online.

Ms. Ruiz gives some great tips here from Mark Kantrowitz, who publishes the and Fastweb sites I have written about here before. These are quality sites that help you find scholarships that pertain to each scholarship searcher.

Here are some tips that I liked:

#1. Apply for LOTS of scholarships - not just a few.

#2. Don't worry about rejections. Keep applying.

#3. Use online databases to find scholarships.

A current college student had some tips too. One was to ask family and friends whether they knew of scholarship opportunities. (He found one this way).

He also said to send thank-you notes after interviews.

There's more! Read all the tips here at the article.

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  1. With getting rejected all the time I found it hard to keep trying, but form the sound of your insight it is all worth it when someone does give you the money. Thanks so much for the push.


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