Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Need to get your GED? There are tips and help is on the Your GED site

 Get motivated and get your GED! - with the help of this neat site.

Here is a great site I found today, called Your GED. This site even has people you can call to give you a pep talk. Check out the funny photos here of Pep Talk volunteers who are actually celebrities and TV and movie stars!

Just click here to go to the site:  Your GED -

This is a great site. It has links to all the GED centers and the photos on the first page are hilarious.

There is a box to put your zip code in, and when you do, the site gives you addresses and phone numbers for GED centers near you. It's really easy. I did not try the Pep Talks, but they sound interesting too. Sometimes people DO need a pep talk. So I think this is a good idea.

Check it out! And leave a comment if you liked the page.

It is sponsored by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation. Thanks, Dollar General!


Here is that site again: Your GED.

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