Thursday, May 24, 2012

Treat looking for scholarships like a job... get organized!

How to be organized in your scholarship and grant search.

I heard some of this advice on a few different websites in the past, and I wanted to share what these people said.

In order to be successful in getting scholarships, some students and experts say that you should send a lot of scholarship applications out. I would think that in today's day and age, more people than ever would be trying for the few scholarships that are out there.

Because of that, if you fill out a LOT of scholarships (and follow up with them if needed), then you have a better chance of getting one.

Keep a box or filing cabinet and put the dates you applied for different scholarships there. You will be able to tell easier when one is due (with a note on the folder) and also you will be able to check with the scholarship people and find out who won each scholarship.

Also, as you may know, some scholarships require that you re-apply each year, and some do not. Dating your search folder can help with this too. The Sallie Mae page (also listed below) also says that having a scheduler for important loan or scholarship dates can also be a big help.

Organizing your financial aid documents is also very important and can save important time, says the site (below). They also mention which documents you need for many searches.

Julie Bestry, a professional organizer, shares her secrets in her page, Organizing your College Search and Application Process that can be directly applied to scholarship organization.

Being well-organized can help you a lot in your search.

Find out more:

The Sallie Mae Site explains how to Organize your scholarship and loan search
The - Organize your Financial Aid Documents 
Julie Bestry - Best Results Organizing

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