Monday, June 11, 2012

Grants and Work Study, plus Jobs on Campus

Be Your Own Detective...

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Check your school for grants, work-study, and jobs.

At Western, (WKU, in Kentucky) there are several food companies attached to the school. Western also offers work-study programs, which are different depending on the department. Some look almost fun, in that you get to help professors be organized or do filing.

I know that getting a job at a campus-located company may not be like a scholarship (which is like free money really...) but it does help with day to day expenses, PLUS it is close to classes sometimes.

Grants? Your school may keep a list of them, and they may each have different application deadlines and requirements. Your school might offer these - - to people that ASK about them.

So, just ask. Your school advising department may have a program just for you.

Just a few thoughts today for all my scholarship and grant-seeking friends!

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