Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Could For-Profit Schools Lose Federal Aid?

The answer is yes.

Some students who have gone to for-profit schools COULD be in trouble. That is, if they keep having trouble paying their loans.

What MIGHT happen is that some for-profit schools could lose federal student aid. Period.

That is yet another reason to deeply think going to a for-profit school.

WHIO TV has an article online that explains more. Here it is: Feds: For-profits could lose federal student aid.

All schools are supposed to be training their students and helping them find jobs too. Some for-profit schools are not doing a really great job at that.

Find out more:
For-Profit College May Face Aid Cuts (USA Today, updated 6-2-2011)
For-Profit Colleges, Vulnerable G.I.'s (About misleading marketing and "little academic, administrative or counseling support).
Via Bloomberg: For-Profit Colleges May Lose Student Aid From U.S. Over Recruiting Abuses (2010)

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