Friday, July 6, 2012

There are many summer choices for nontraditional students

What are nontraditional students doing this summer? And what are YOU doing? (please leave a comment)

Summer Internships probably started in May or June, when regular school (trade school, college, or university) ended. These programs can be found online or sometimes can be found through word of mouth at school from other students, announcements, student papers, or teachers.

There are also some work-study programs that are either paid or unpaid. Some other programs require that students pay for their trip, and do projects for other countries or the U.S.

Still other nontraditional students work full or part-time during the summer, gearing up for Fall semester. And others are taking a well-deserved break.

Whatever you are doing this summer, nontrads, I hope it's a wonderful summer for everyone.

Nontraditionally yours,
Elizabeth Sheppard "Betsyanne"
Former Nontraditional Student (Education),and Current Nontraditional Student (Online courses in SEO, hands-on pottery practice, and writing practice).

Write a comment here - what are YOU doing this summer?

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