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Funding for International Students coming to the U.S. to study

Hi, everyone! I hope you are finding funding for your educational journey.

I got a question today online about sources for overseas students coming to the US to study.

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I am posting part of my answer here, and adding more about it too.

Are you serious about coming the US to study? Then I would suggest looking into scholarships and grants right away. It could make all the difference for you.

First, I would check out the school(s) you are interested in. Chances are they may have their own funds, scholarships, and grants you can apply for. Get in touch with Admissions to find out.

Secondly, look for QUALITY sites online to find out about even more programs.

For US Resources for out-of-country students, try searching for overseas scholarships on my Scholarships and Grants blog here:

Use the Search function to the right there.

US State Department resources listed with sites like or FastWeb, or maybe the Gold Standard scholarships are good ideas, as well as the great Fulbright Scholarships. 
There are also some listed on this page: Scroll down to see these.
You can also google "US educational opportunities for foreign students" or "US Scholarships for International Students" and see what comes up. I think you may be pleasantly surprised at the variety and kind of international student scholarships available today.
Good luck finding sources, and I hope these are helpful hints too.

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