Thursday, April 25, 2013

Looking for a Scholarship or Grant? Here are some good links and articles.

Here are some postings and info. about Scholarships for today's blog posting.
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And yes, a nice scholarship, grant, or job would definitely save you some ready cash. Here are some websites, links, and articles to help you find one.

Sign up for Twitter, find leads.

Billionare U: Why Harvard Mints Mega-Rich Alums (CNBC)

Are you 65 or over? You could attend college for free.

A new scholarship for nontraditional students, from Destiny Solutions.

The School Grants Blog scholarship:

Can you erase student loan debt through a loophole? (using a credit card)

The Planning and Preparing for College (the Callie Herd blog)

Good luck finding scholarships, internships, and grants!


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