Sunday, May 5, 2013

Find a Conservation Scholarship, Internship and more at these sites. And find one in your state too.

Conservation Scholarships May 2013
Photo via NRCS SD on Flickr.

Here are some popular and useful Scholarship Sites for Conservation student scholarships.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Scholarship - for AK HS Seniors

Soil and Water Conservation Society Scholarship (Feb. 12 deadline) You must be a Society member for at least a year before applying for this scholarship.

The Garden Club of American Scholarship (Feb. 15 deadline)

Texas Parks and Wildlife Scholarships (Sept. 1 deadline)

The Conservation Foundation of Missouri Scholarships (they also offer youth group project scholarships) The scholarships are for Missouri residents and graduate students. There are different deadlines for these.

The Fatomei site has many scholarships listed for Biology Scholarships, Fellowships, and College financial Aid Grants too.

The Ralph B Abele Scholarship Fund is for Pennsylvania residents. The deadline for applying is April 30.
Photo by Euthman on Flickr.

Here are Wildlife and Fisheries scholarships at the site.
This site also has a page on Scholarship Programs for Soil and Water Majors.

Virginia's Education Foundation offers Scholarships that have a March deadline.

The California Conservation Corps offers a scholarship too, as part of their job program.Applicants must work one year in the Corps to be considered for a scholarship, plus complete other requirements.
Photo by ex-magician on Flickr.

And here are Natural Resources and Conservation scholarships at the Fastweb site.

Did or does a parent work for the US Forest Service? You may be eligible for the Pinchot Institute Scholarship, called the "101 Scholarship." Deadline for this scholarship is January 31st of the year the scholarship will be used.

Want a Conservation internship? 

 Try this resource page at the site.

The USDA has some interesting Pathway Programs that includes Internships and more for undergraduates and graduates.

Check these Internships from the Fatomei site too.

Does your state offer a Conservation scholarship, internship, or other program?

Just google your state and "conservation scholarship", "internship" or other term to find out.

Happy Scholarship, Grant, and Internship hunting!


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