Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Scholarship advice, two great scholarship-seeking websites, and some advice - good luck!

Two Great Sites to Check, and some Scholarship Seeking Advice.

This week, check out these two great sites and blogs for your scholarship search. If you have already done your FAFSA, be sure to check your Fastweb recommendations.

#1: Fastweb. So many people recommend this site. Why? It is fast, and free. Just register here, and Fastweb can help you find scholarships. It's easy. Here is the site: http://www.fastweb.com/.

#2. FAFSA. This is the OFFICIAL government FAFSA page. It is also free. Don't click anywhere else to do your FAFSA.

Also, make sure you review all the deadlines for the scholarships you have already filled out or are waiting to fill out.

Organize all your applications.

Visit nearby colleges and schools and talk to an Advisor to find out if any NEW grants or scholarships have become available for the subject you want to study.

And don't give up hope. Even if it seems like an impossible quest, there ARE scholarships out there to be had. It's the people that keep on looking that are successful. They apply for a great many scholarships, in order to get one or two or even more.

Be that squeaky wheel. Keep on keeping on. And I hope you get the scholarship you want.

Have you been successful in finding a scholarship? Share your story as a comment. Thanks!


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