Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Going back to school? Applying for scholarships? You may want to consider it. In a big way.

Going back to school?

Applying for scholarships?

The way I figure it, if you are wanting to go back to school, and have either decided to or not, you can take a chance and apply for at least one scholarship. Maybe lots and lots more.

I have read about people spending their entire summer (much of it anyway) applying for lots and lots of them. They need to be VERY organized and keep many files full of copies of their applications so they don't apply twice or something.

I think just some encouragement can help people who need money for school. You can search Twitter to find new scholarships, use the Fastweb site, (it's free), and also search on the 'net for what you think you are interested in finding scholarships for.

And everyone will tell you to fill out your (U.S.) FAFSA form (at the official site, of course - NEVER pay to fill this out) to find out if you qualify for local scholarships or grants.

Are you going back to school after a break?

Check my Nontrads Scholarship pages:

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PS Use the Search feature here on this site to help you find more scholarship sites and links. Good luck in your scholarship search.

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