Saturday, January 25, 2014

Where to look for free college money - online and offline

Places to check for Scholarships

Are you going to school right now? Be sure to see your advisor and check on scholarships you may qualify for right where you are. There may be little-known financial help there. Make sure to make an appointment and talk about that at least one time this semester.

Your FAFSA application and scholarships - when you applied for loans, you were automatically sent some scholarship opportunities if you qualified for them.

Checking the usual websites - are you registered for more than one "Search Site" online. They do the work FOR you, sending you email when a scholarship fits your skills, wants or needs, or area. Some popular sites for this (and free) are Fastweb, the Fatomei site, A recent posting at USA Today suggests a new site called that looks worth a look too. Their 3-sentence Essay contest that they do each week sounds interesting!

And don't forget these sites too:

Scholarships Links and Tips Page One, and

Scholarships Links and Tips Page Two

Good luck in your scholarship searching! List your favorites too, as a comment.

Have a great week.


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