Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How to access scholarship resources on this blog :-)

Finding Scholarships
A guide tip: use the Search Box on the left side of this blog, called Freefind Site Search.

(You can see it right under the "Google Translate" section, on the left.)

For instance, if you search using "Music Scholarships" you will find this posting:
Music Scholarship Links

There was another posting listed above that about not getting ripped off when applying for scholarships too, which might have had something about art scholarships in it, but the above link looked better. 

So, just click on the link that has more to do with your search.

There are also links to OTHER scholarship finding sites out there that I like. These are free, and also good.

Here is a link to a couple more articles:

Which search sites are the best?


Don't get ripped off searching for scholarships 

Good luck finding a scholarship! Add a comment on what YOUR favorite Scholarship Search sites are, or where YOU found a scholarship. I know my readers would LOVE to know about that.

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