Sunday, November 1, 2009

Which search sites are the best?

Here is some good information, and some reviews of scholarship sites. 

The question of the day: Which search sites are the best?

Here is a GREAT website that rates the following scholarship search sites:
Fastweb,, Peterson's, College Board, Scholarship Experts,, NextStudent, SRN Express, and BrokeScholar.

It is the Finaid website.

The site ranks these 9 sites for their recall, the percentage of relevant awards for each searcher that is in the search results, and their precision, which is the percentage of matches for the searcher. The results are listed in a chart that they title Scholarship Database Quality.

Here is the website page on the Finaid site that shows the results of their study: gives Fastweb the highest score on their chart. The others range from 93/75 (percentages) for, to the worst one which is SRN Express, with a score of 33/31.

This is a great study, and a super addition to what we know about scholarship and grant search sites. The page also features another pair of graphs indicating how actual college students paid for school.

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