Friday, March 26, 2010

What do I REALLY want to do?

You've all probably heard the saying - it's not a mistake when you learn from it.
Or how about this one: be yourself - do what YOU want to do.

I have been wondering. What do I really WANT to do with the rest of my life? And is going back to school part of my plan?

These are really good questions, I think. People who get scholarships to college or trade school can sometimes change their minds about what they want to do with their education later. It's okay to do this - especially since happiness day to day can mean so much in a career.

But how do you really know what you want? Some lucky people just automatically know what they want to do, and have known since childhood. Others just don't. I was one that didn't know. I knew what I was GOOD at, but sometimes following what you are just GOOD at doesn't work out.

And I know personally that sometimes you can want to do more than one thing. For instance, I enjoy writing, AND art, plus I like to work with websites. And I always wanted to be a teacher and see what it was like. I took teaching and also English and art. Later, I taught in a Kentucky high school. I was faced with students that were way below class level in reading, and some with undiagnosed disabilities of many kinds. I didn't have much help, and it was really hard for a first-time teacher like me.

So now do I want to be a Special Ed teacher instead? I don't think so. I have already seen what that could be like. And now I have a choice - do I go for my Master's and have even more student loan payments, then find out I don't like it?

This can be a quandry for others, too, I just know it.

So what to do? I guess researching what you like to do could help me and others.

Here are some interesting sites that can help you (and me!) decide.

Talk it up - work it out - your future
The Edison Mental Fitness test - would you have made his team?
Career test (free) from Fun Education (watch out for ads)
Free Career Tests Everyone Should Take - from the Accredited Online Colleges site
More free career tests (includes Canada, and the UK)
The Dalai Lama's list of important things to do

My business pages
My Squidoo lenses
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