Monday, March 22, 2010

Why Fastweb is a great site - by starREVIEWS

I have recommended FastWeb as a scholarship search site for years.

There is a great review by starREVIEWS 2010 about the site. Here is the link:

Some of the things that starREVIEWS like about FastWeb are:
1. You can opt out of advertising by clicking on a link while you are signing up,
2. Even though advertising appears on the site, it still only takes about 15 minutes to sign up.
3. The site is free to use
4. You get a personalized profile and a place to store it when you come back to use it again, and
5. Support on the site was fast (email, one day, and phone just 2 minutes.)

Although ideally it would be great if starREVIEWS only reviewed scholarships, (it looks a bit commercial) I was glad to find this review today.

Find out more:
Go to the FastWeb site
The starREVIEWS site
starREVIEWS reviews four other scholarship sites too
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