Sunday, May 2, 2010

Find what you want on Twitter by using the Search Box function

Current Scholarship Tweets on Twitter, 
and How to Check Them Out

Do you ever go to the Twitter site just to see what people are talking about? Here is how you can look at what is going on with any subject you want to talk about.

#1. Go to the Twitter site. (

#2. Search using the Twitter search box for any subject you want to find out about. A good example (because we are on the Find Scholarships and Grants site) is Scholarships or Scholarships for college (or whatever kind of scholarship you are looking for).

#3. Type your chosen word or words into the box. I searched for "Scholarships" (minus the quote marks.)

#4. Check out what comes up on your Twitter screen.

Then just click on the link of each posting to see what comes up on the Twitter Tweets you like. Make sure to see if the article has sources to it. Made-up articles just aren't good ones. They are only fillers that advertise scammy sites.

But you will find some gems in among these if you look hard enough.  If you use a more specified search, such as "Kentucky higher education Scholarships" or "Medical scholarships in New Jersey", or "scholarships to ivy league schools", your search will probably net you more useful Twitters.

If you are on Twitter already, you may choose to follow people with the best postings right after your search.

All for now,

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