Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Some of the best scholarship links including the official FAFSA site

A few good Scholarship and Grant sites

Of course, my favorite site, the Nontrad pages, has two pages of links on it. Here are those links: and

And below are two more great sites. I have these also listed as links to the right of the blog, along with others you may want to check out. Just scroll down and check out the links to the right here at the blog site.

The Financial Aid News - this also has a podcast, that you can download and listen to however you like. I like to listen to my podcasts using a small MP3 player. I just put the shows on there and hook the player to earphones. Here is that link:

The Official FAFSA Site - always check here first. That way you can get an idea of what money is available to you. The FAFSA site also tells you about some grants that are available, as well as what loan offers you can get for school. The link:

You may run into other sites that SAY they are official and offer services for pay. You do not need to pay to get your FAFSA information. This entire site is free.

The Fastweb site - this is a primo scholarship search site and is also absolutely FREE. It is a quality site that matches you with scholarships you may qualify for. They also email you with offers and deadlines. That site is here:

Which sites do YOU like? Let me know by commenting below this posting.


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