Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Finding Scholarships only YOUR school offers - how an advisor can help

How an advisor can help you find money for school
Students who are enrolling in a college, trade school, or other school should always make an appointment with a career counselor, advisor, or guidance person at the school. These people do not charge a fee, and can help you schedule your classes, get registered, and also tell you about scholarships or special programs at your school that you might not know about.

For instance, your school might have a work-study program that pays you for certain jobs while you are going to school. Your advisor will have the forms for you to fill out to apply for these positions.

You can also apply for special scholarships that may be offered at your school due to a grant or alumni donation. The list of these special scholarships and who qualifies for them should be available to your advisor too.

Good luck finding some in-school programs and money for your school year. It all helps!


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