Sunday, May 9, 2010

New discoveries on the FastWeb site

FastWeb - It is not just a search site

Fastweb (located at is a free Scholarship Search site. I went there today to look for articles and found several sections I want to share here.

#1. Fastweb has a Forum that has discussions about choosing a college, testing, graduate school, careers, and a lot more. That link is here:

#2. They also have a Financial Aid Advice section where Mark Kantrowitz answers questions with videos about financial aid. The video posted below is just one in a series of 12. It is called Scholarships 101.

#3. Mark Kantrowitz also has a section where he answers questions people ask him on the site. It is called "Ask Kantro." Here is the link to those questions and answers:
Recently Popular Ask Kantro Articles.

I know I will be back to explore these sections and videos, and I hope you like them too.

All for now,

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