Thursday, June 3, 2010

Add these new links to your scholarship search arsenal!

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More Great Scholarship Link Pages

I found even more scholarship links today, some in surprising places! I have not tested these links or have much information on them, but they are new and different. I think they would be definitely worth a look.

Here is a short list:

#1: The Scholarship Link List from This link list includes the United Negro College Fund site and, which stands for International Education Financial Aid. Here is that link:

#2: Here is the College at Brockport's list. It includes some other new sites, such as Adventures in Education, Club Scholarship, and  the International Scholarships Database. Let me know which ones you try out and like. The site is here:

#3:  The Scholarship America site - this is a .org site, which is usually a good sign (a nonprofit site). Some new links here include the College Goal Sunday site, AidScholar, Edvisors, and

I like these new resources!

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