Monday, June 14, 2010

Some more great scholarship links June 2010

Have some time? Search for a scholarship.

Here are some more sites that you might like. They have articles, videos, and more scholarship sites to add to your scholarship site list and folder.

I hope you do have a filing area now, and a folder. You can find out more about organizing your scholarship search here:
Get Organized about your Scholarship Search

Here are the new sites you can look at. Let me know if this help you.
#1: The EHow Featured Scholarship Search Articles. This site has many articles and also videos to help you in your scholarship search. Some are: How to find Musical Scholarships, Finding Scholarships for Blacks, and how to find Drama Scholarships.

#2: The IEFA Site - this abbreviation stands for the International Financial Aid and College Scholarship Search page. They help US students and international students find aid for studying abroad.

And here is another great site. It is the College Board site. This page, tells about how to develop a strategy for finding money for school.

More articles you may like:

More links for your scholarship arsenal
Real stories about real people - and how they got their scholarships
How an advisor can help you find money for school

Good luck in your scholarship search!


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