Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another great scholarship page discovery

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 Here are today's scholarship discoveries. I am especially interested in scholarships for nontraditional students. I found one great page here:

The College Scholarships pages Nontraditional Student Scholarships page.

This page has nine+ different scholarships listed. They are the ASIST Scholarship, the Leading the Future Scholarship, the Rogins/Braswell National Scholarship,
the Datatel Scholars Foundation Returning Student Scholarship, the Talbot's Women's Scholarship Fund, the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Program, the North Iowa Community College Scholarship for Adult Students, Providence College's School of Continuing Education Scholarships (they have 5 different ones.), and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Scholarships (they have 4).

This is a great and helpful page. Thanks, College Scholarship Pages!


You can find more free scholarship links at the Nontrad Scholarship Links page here:

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