Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Find Good Scholarship Links on Squidoo

This beautiful photo taken in Bangladesh is by joiseyshowaa at Flickr, and has a
Creative Commons ShareAlike Attribution license.
You can see his photography website here: http://www.joiseyshowaa.com/ 

Are you on Squidoo? I am a Squidoo lensmaster, which just means I make Squidoo lenses (pages) on Squidoo. I am (this summer) in a group called RocketMoms. They have a different subject each week, and we members write about that subject, in order to get going on our number of lenses, which are like web pages, only with sections.

When you get 50 good lenses, you can apply to be a Giant Squid. Soon, I am going to write a Squidoo lens about scholarships.

But before I do, I want to see what information is there about scholarships and grants. I will share this with you today.

#1. The Ultimate Guide to College Funding - I like this Squidoo lens because it explains about college loans, how to fill out your FAFSA form, military scholarships, and more. It is definitely worth a look.

#2. Guide to Becoming a Nurse - this Squidoo lens has help for anyone who wants to become a nurse. Of course, it also contains scholarship links, but also describes the different kinds of nurses you can become, and also helps you think about choosing a school and getting through your first year.

#3. Scholarship Sweepstakes Giveaways - this lens is just plain fun. Find out what scholarship sweepstakes are out there, and enter them. The author also explains how to look out for scholarship sweepstakes scams. I like it!

When you go to each Squidoo lens, make sure to favorite it if you like it (at the top) and make a comment to the author (at the bottom). This will make their day, and help their lens get a good rating.

I have made some Squidoo pages, and soon will have a new Scholarships lens. Here are a few of my most popular Squidoo pages:

Ellison Bay, Wisconsin (the place is definitely worth a visit)
Free Clipart and Photo Sites
Tandoori Chicken
Fun Things to Do in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and
Free Squidoo Secrets: my beginner's guide to Squidoo

Are you interested in joining Squidoo and trying it out? Join Squidoo with my referral: http://www.squidoo.com/lensmaster/referral/lizziebeth
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