Sunday, September 26, 2010

the Free Grant Money site

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A New Multi-layered Grants Site

I saw this today at the Digg site ( The site I found is a great resource, because it is free and has been around since 2002. It is run by Charles Kassotis, who lives in Costa Rica.

Here it is:
The Free Grant Money site. 

Here are some things on the site you may like:

1. The Free Grant Money blog - this blog is associated with the site, and helps explain about loans, grants, and business grants.

2. The Government Grant Links page - this page includes links like The Foundation Center and the Foundation Center Finder page.

3. The NIH Institute of Health grant opportunities, which features information on OSHA grants, award programs, and special announcements from the NIH.

 This is a multi-layered site with many opportunities for learning, grants, and scholarships from all kinds of government programs.

You can connect with the site author on Twitter here:

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