Saturday, October 2, 2010

Two more very interesting scholarship site pages

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More Scholarship website pages

Here are some great scholarship websites I just found.

Are you from Florida? Want to go to school and be a nurse? Here is a website called The Great 100 Nurses of Northeast Florida. Their mission is to help healthcare students who are seeking certifications and other formal nursing education at all levels.

Here is that link: 100 Great Nurses. They even have a newsletter!

And here is another neat one - The Native American Times online explains why it always isn't the best idea to concentrate on Native American scholarships if you are Native American or just think you might be. Why? Because you might be missing out on a whole bunch of OTHER scholarships!

Here is that great article: Chavers: How can I get an Indian scholarship? 

How is your scholarship search going? Make sure to send your sites you have found by commenting here. Or just share your ideas. Thanks! 


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