Sunday, September 12, 2010 is worth a try!

Try it - - - you might like it!

Hi, all!

I went to today and found a good article there. It is called Non-Academic College Scholarships - Scholarships Aren't Just for "A Students" Anymore.

I was intrigued by the title. Then I read the rest. I liked the good information I found there. I found out that the site awards its own scholarships. Here is one of them (from the site):

"...the Resolve To Evolve Scholarship doesn’t have any GPA, SAT or ACT requirements and you could win up to $3,000 with your scholarship essay

That sounds worth looking into, I think. I used to think that must have an easy road to getting web traffic, just because of their name - - that they probably didn't need to do much real work on the site. But I was wrong. There are some good articles here, PLUS a chance to win their scholarships and others.

 The site meets my criteria too - it is totally free.

So, give it a try. Here is the web address:

And here is the address of the article again: Non-Academic College Scholarships. After you register there, let me know how it goes - for instance, is it easy to sign up? What kind of email do you receive after that? I would love to know and let my readers know more about the site. But it definitely looks worth a try.



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