Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some recent Twitter postings

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Hi, all!
Every so often I like to share my discoveries on Twitter with you. Here are some Twitters I think you will find interesting. Just click on the links to add someone to your Twitter, or to the links to explore new web pages and blogs.

#1. From the NT Blog... Is your school a member of TRiO? - Tweet    TRiO - - something about three? ... http://ht.ly/18U6fK

#2. RT @betsyanne @nontrads #MilitaryMon Be ready for anything - be prepared for anything http://www.ready.gov

#3. @Nontrads: find quality scholarship links: http://www.nontradstudents.com/scholarships (my favorite!) 
#4.  Free clipart and photo sites http://www.squidoo.com/free-clipart-and-photo-sites

#5.  Free teacher lesson plan links http://www.betsyanne.com/for_teachers_b.html
Also: Follow @scholarsgrants on Twitter. 

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