Tuesday, October 26, 2010

35 Scholarships Anyone Can Get - from College Degree.com

 Here is another great online article. It is called 35 Scholarships Anyone Can get.

Here is that link:
35 Scholarships Anyone Can Get.

Listed here are the Do Something Brick Award, the Tylenol Scholarship, Calgon Take Me Away to College Scholarship, an Environmental Essay contest, and lots more. It is up to you to check these out though, because this article was written in 2007. Hopefully these will all still be current.

Do you have a favorite blog, page, site, or scholarship you would like to put on this blog? Let me know about it in the comments section. Thanks!

And, of course, try these scholarship links from the Nontrad site:

The Nontrads Scholarships Links page one

The Nontrads Scholarship Links page two

They are all free, and easy to use.



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