Monday, November 29, 2010

Scholarship Lenses at Squidoo - many links and sites to explore


About Squidoo and Scholarship Lenses

I have been busy at Squidoo lately making lenses. I made one about scholarships, and am listing it here below (#1) plus more lenses (websites) there at Squidoo that are made by others. There are lots of tips and websites on them to explore.

Here they are:

#1 (mine) Great Free Scholarship Search sites. I am Lizziebeth on Squidoo (click to visit my profile page).

#2 Oddball Scholarships by Juliett. This site features a link from Fastweb plus some recommended books.

#3. Top Ten College Advice, Funding and Planning websites - by lravidlearner. there is a lot of information here, including links, 2010 changes to student aid, reviews, and advice.

#4. Scholarships for Women by ScholarshipsForWomen. This site has at least three good scholarship site links to explore, including the important AAUW site.

#5. College Football Recruiting - how to get a Football Scholarship by Ollan. Ollan gives advice step by step on what to do if you are seriously considering applying for a football scholarship.

#6. Teacher Student Loan Cancellation - by Teddi14. read this lens for sure if you are considering Teacher Education. This lens gives great links and advice for teachers to be about student loan cancellation, and how to qualify for it.

#7. How to fill the free FAFSA (form) (and get money for college) by CollegeForKatie.This lens has sections on what to have when you start doing the form, and recent news stories about college funding, done in a fun to read format.

#8. CLEP Test Study Guides (for CLEP exams) - - by pyngthyngs. Use this lens to see where your CLEP testing center is, and what subjects you can CLEP out of. You may not need to get a study guide for that.

#9. Guide to Becoming a Nurse - by BethD821. Beth is an actual operating room nurse, so she knows what she is talking about. Are you thinking of going to school to be a nurse? This lens is a 10-step guide for you to zero in on what kind of nurse and what kind of nurse education you need.

#10. Scholarship Sweepstakes Giveaways - by CollegeForKatie. this lens gives several sweepstakes giveaway sites you can enter right away, along with tips on how to avoid scams. I like this lens, and think you will too.

Well, that's it! Let me know if you have some more sites you would like to add. COMMENT BELOW and let me know if you like these too. Thanks!


And if you would like to try Squidoo out, you can make a lens there with my referral. Try it out. You can split profits from each easy-to-make lens page with Squidoo, and keep the money or give it to charity also.

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