Sunday, December 5, 2010

Some more Scholarships and Grants Twitter postings

Hi to all Scholarship and Grant Seekers.

I did some research this week and found some sites I am sharing on Twitter.

Here they are: 
The Dornob site - design ideas, articles, more 
Some scholarship lenses (sites) at Squidoo:   From @betsyanne @nontrads @scholarsgrants
Here is an excellent xml sitemap maker online. Oh - and it is free.
Are you a nontraditional student? Join my Nontrads on Facebook group 
Learn how to fill out your FAFSA form and about FREE scholarship sites #scholarship
Checked out ANTSHE yet? They are a group for nontraditional student groups. You an also join as a  student.  
A nontraditional student often has many responsibilities besides school.

Via @betsyanne, @nontrads, @scholarsgrants: Today is the first day of the rest of your life. -Anonymous. 

RT @nontrads @Continuing_Ed My blog: Where Can You Find Free Online GED Testing #GED

RT @nontrads Scholarship Lenses at Squidoo - many links and sites to explore 

RT @nontrads Some study skills tips from a doctor - repetition works #studyskills
Sometimes it just takes a little push - and some motivation - to make a positive change in your life. #quote #motivation
Add your best study tips to the list at the Nontrad blog:
Are you on Twitter? You can follow @scholarsgrants there if you are.

Find more scholarships and grants at the Nontrad site: Scholarships Page One and Scholarships Page Two.


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