Sunday, May 15, 2011

Are there scholarships out there to help get a GED?

First off, GED students seem to have a harder time locating help.

It seems that most scholarship links online point to help for college students, not for people who want to get their GED.

But I did find some help and at least one scholarship for GED students - one is in Kentucky and the other in Oregon. Just scroll down for these links and more.

I hoped to find more scholarships out there just for GED students. Maybe they are out there. If you now of one, please list it below as a comment.

With or without a scholarship, though, I know that students are wanting to get their GED, and will be trying hard to get it, whether or not they need to spend money to do it or not.

These can be students going back to school after a break, or students who for one reason or another need to complete requirements to get their GED. GED stands for General Equivalency Diploma. What is also great is that colleges are accepting these diplomas more than ever, especially with the rise of homeschooling.

Luckily, you probably will not need a scholarship to go to a GED class or take GED courses online or with the help of classes on TV, because states want their people to have a high school diploma. Students with a GED diploma can go on to college, or get better jobs.

But some colleges do offer scholarships later on, for students who want to go to college. These scholarships are just for students with a GED. So it's in the student's best interest to go ahead and get their GED in many ways.

Here are some links to help students get their GED:

Getting your GED – some sites to help

Here is the official GED testing site page/

Preparing for the GED test – the official page
This page helps you find the local GED center for your state, and explains the steps you need to take to get your GED.

Preparing for your GED at home: here is the official page which also lists resources you can use, like GED on TV and also accommodations for disabilities.

Take sample tests online:

And here are some other pages you may find helpful:

GED Stories – actually stories of other GED students who are going back to get their GED credential. You also get to comment on these stories and give these students a pat on the back or encouragement.

The Portland Literary Council GED Test Scholarship Fund You must live in Multnomah, Washington, or Clackamas counties in Oregon.

The GED pages from have lots of information about getting a GED. Click on the information for your state to find out what they offer.

GED information by state from the site

Kentucky is offering free GED testing right now

Adult High School Completion Programs – from the Fairfax County Public Schools site (Virginia)

Arizona Adult Education Links from the Pima County Public Library
These look helpful for all GED students.

Another article you may like:

Tips for getting your GED after a break


Let me know if these links help you. 
And leave a comment below. Thanks!

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