Monday, May 23, 2011

FAFSA deadlines - do you know them?

About FAFSA Deadlines

I just went to the official FAFSA website to check into deadlines. They have a drop-down menu where you can put your state.

Here is that link:

I checked my state (Kentucky) and put down what term I was interested in. I found out that June 30th was the deadline for filling out my FAFSA form.

That doesn't leave much time, and may be even less for other states. So if you are wanting a scholarship, loan, or grant (or in-school job) you will want to fill out your FAFSA soon.

Another place to find out more about the FAFSA and how to fill it out is at the Nontrad Scholarship Page one. I have a new video there that explains more tips. Here is that link: (the scholarship video is on the right side, top.)

And of course, here is the official FAFSA site link again:

Good luck in your scholarship search!

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