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Scholarships and Grants for Nontraditional Students

Hi all! Today I am shining my spotlight on scholarships and grants in the U.S. for nontraditional students. These students are going back to school after a break. I am personally interested in nontrads because I was one several years ago. I took education classes. Now I have a blog, a website, a Yahoo group, a Facebook page, and a Twitter page just for Nontraditional Students.

It can be harder for nontraditional students to find scholarship opportunities, but more and more schools are jumping on the bandwagon to help these students, who often commute, have families, or other responsibilities. So maybe you will find it easier to find financial aid than in years past.

Here are some good sources to find scholarships and grants for nontraditional students. I am also starting to list some on the Nontrad pages too. If you know of a good scholarship or grant for nontraditional students, please feel free to add it to the State Pages at the Nontrad site or list it as a comment here.

You can also search for nontraditional student scholarships on your state college, GED, or trade school pages. Just go to the site and put the words "nontraditional student scholarship" in the search box once you are on the site you want.

Here are just a few scholarships out of the many that are offered today:

Scholarship links from the College site
HS Seniors, College Scholarships, Graduate Fellowships Student Aid at the Fatomei/Dr. Torres Site - many valuable links are here.
Scholarships for older and nontraditional students - from the Finaid site
Scholarship links from the Education Grant site
The University of Missouri Nontrad scholarships (2)
Loyola University's Nontraditional Student scholarships (10)
The Daniels Fund Opportunity Scholarships (for Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming). Scroll down on the page to find these.
Continuing Student Scholarships at the University of Minnesota
Pennsylvania College of Technology financial aid page for Nontraditional Students - many helpful links are here, PLUS they offer 6 different nontraditional student scholarships.
Scholarships for Women and Nontraditional Students from the MTU site (The Michigan Society of Professional Engineers)
The Purdue University (Indiana) Helen Blanche Schleman scholarship for nontraditional students and three others - scroll down on this page for more information.
Scholarships at the University of Wisconsin/Madison for Returning Students and Single Parents
The University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire nontraditional student scholarships (7)
The University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point - 10 Nontraditional Student Scholarships
Michigan State University Libraries Grants for Individuals: Nontraditional, Reentry, or Adult Students (this is a LONG list).
Wichita State scholarships page 
The Arkansas Scholarship lottery funds scholarships
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro list of adult student scholarships
The University of Central Missouri Nontraditional Student Scholarship page - there are some great links here too. Just scroll down to see them.
Missouri Western State University list of scholarships - the names are here, you must click to go to the Financial Aid site next.
Scholarships at Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne - these scholarships are for nontraditional students and women.
The University of Memphis Adult Scholarship and the Tennessee Hope Scholarship
The Maine Community Foundation Aspirational and Nontraditional Student Scholarships page
The University of Evansville, Indiana Nontraditional Student Scholarship page (13 different scholarships are listed here).
Indiana university/Perdue University/Indianapolis Application Information page: Many scholarships are listed here (scroll down).
Nontraditional student scholarships at the University of Wyoming (2)
Two nontraditional student scholarships from Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan
Scholarships for nontraditional students at the University of New Hampshire
Arkansas adult student scholarship page - a long list!
Iowa State University Margaret Sloss Women's Center Scholarships (for nontrads)
Austin-Peay State University, Clarksville, Tennessee Nontraditional Student Scholarships (16)
California's American Legion Scholarships (you must check these individually from the page to see if they are current)
South Plains College, Levelland, Texas Nontraditional Student Scholarships

Other helpful articles and links:
The Nontraditional Student page at the Federal Student Aid site
Scholarship and Grant Tips for Nontraditional Students from Fastweb
Fresch's strategies for the nontraditional student page
The Tyler Student Life page (Temple, Philadelphia, PA) lists some more interesting grants and scholarship search engines.
ANTSHE's 2 scholarships plus links

Check my Nontrads Scholarship pages:
Scholarships Links and Tips Page One
Scholarships Links and Tips Page Two

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