Sunday, May 29, 2011

Some great links from the Fatomei Site from Dr. Torres

Here are just a few of the many great scholarship and grant link pages at the Fatomei Site, also known as the Dr. Torres Site.

African Americans - College Scholarships and Grants; Graduate Fellowships

Hispanics, Latinos - College Scholarships and Grants, Graduate Fellowships, Postgraduate Awards

Original People - College Scholarships, Graduate Fellowships and Postdoctoral Awards for Students 
(from the site) These links are for "Aboriginal Canadians, Native Alaskans, Aleuts, Inuit, Eskimos, Native Americans, Native Pacific Islanders, Hawaiians, Polynesians or Micronesians."

College Scholarships for Women, Graduate Fellowships, Research Internships and Grants These links are for "Financial aid for high school seniors, women in college, graduate school and postdoctoral study."



There are lots more of great links here. Definitely add this site to your search site links!


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